Eleanor Belly Dance Spring 2017

Belly Dance with Eleanor Spring 2017

Belly dance is an ancient and historical dance originating from the Middle East. It uses gentle and natural movement that will strengthen your core and support your over all wellbeing.

In our classes we will learn new movements, and combinations of movements. Each new element will be taught thoughtfully allowing you to understand how the movement is generated and learn to feel and dance the moves. We will also dance together to beautiful music to explore creativity in movement and connect with one another.

These classes have a strong community spirit, and leave you feeling engaged and relaxed.

Beginners Classes

6-7pm, Thursdays, 8 weeks starting on 19th January, (no class on the 16th February)

You will also get a workshop with this term!

On Thursdays you can learn classical Egyptian dance: the dance that has developed over the ages in Egypt into its beautiful modern form. It has plenty of arm and leg movements for the active beginner to tackle, and calmer body work for the less energetic. We will also work on understanding Egyptian music through listening exercises to find the different beats, melodies, and moods in the music.

Suitable for complete beginners, all ages, all fitness levels.

Great to get you moving and happy in 2017.

booking: www.eleanorbellydances.com/classes

Improvers Classes

7-8pm, Thursdays, 8 weeks starting on 19th January, (no class on the 16th February)

The Improvers class is open to those who already have a good grounding in the basics of bellydance. You should be confident in performing beginner moves, creating basic combos, and improvising for up to 30 seconds.

 We will learn ‘improver’ level movements for Egyptian dance, and focus on drills to develop your ability to flow between movements and choose appropriate combinations. Improver Egyptian is an important step for any dancer who wants to progress and build up their skills. There will also be opportunities (for those who want it) to perform at events.

Other levels of class are available, and details can be found on: www.eleanorbellydances.com

How to Book

To find out more about the class or to book, go to www.eleanorbellydances.com.

About the Instructor


Eleanor has been practicing Middle Eastern dance for over 18 years. She is trained in Egyptian Bellydance with a focus on traditional folk dances. Her practice also draws on body awareness techniques and musicality, mixing these with the dance to form a holistic practice.

Eleanor has danced, taught, and learnt in Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and Norwich. She has choreographed for the London West End, and supported many new dancers to perform, and also to start their own dance enterprises. She believes strongly in dance as a community activity, and strives to bring people together through dance at events, classes, and informal socials. She often dances in public outreach activities to share the joy of this beautiful art form.

As a life long learner Eleanor is eager to advance her own art, and regularly attends workshops and dance events. She keeps an open mind to new practices and techniques to ensure that her students are always receiving the best possible tuition.

More more details on your teacher visit: www.eleanorbellydances.com