The Dance of Relationship - July 2018

The Dance of Relationship

Saturday 28th July 2018 - Sunday 29th July 2018

£300 per couple, or £180 for individuals

This two-day workshop is led by Johannes Feuerbach. (  Johannes is a Gestalt therapist, trainer, supervisor and tango dancer who lives and works in Berlin.

The approach that Johannes uses in ‘The Dance of Relationship’ workshop has been developed by him through many years. He has given seminars and workshops on the topic of relationship in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Austria. Now, for the first time, he is bringing this lovely contemplative way of improving relational dynamics to the U.K.


This workshop is for people who would like to explore developing some more effective and satisfying ways of communicating with each other. Using a variety of experiential exercises, participants of this workshop will deepen their understanding of themselves and one another – and of the way that they habitually interact. They will discover how they may improve the sensitivity of the ‘dance’ of their relationship, in many new and enjoyable ways – centrally through learning some of the basic movements of Argentine Tango.


A healthy relationship, one that is nourishing and enjoyable for both partners, is one where each person enjoys a sense of their own autonomy (Freedom) and also a sense of the ongoing availability of sensitive engagement (Connection). Creating the conditions for autonomy in the relationship actually requires great commitment (Love) – for the self as well as for the other. Moving between these relational qualities and positions also requires some trust in the unfolding processes (Flow) of relationship and of personal growth. It also requires that we begin to release some of the old habits which have blocked us from experiencing this flow.


All of these qualities can be found in the dance of Tango. Johannes uses some basic movements and principles to help couples open up to each other freshly. In the workshop couples will also be guided and supported with exercises of shared contemplation – creating the basis of more meaningful and open dialogue between them.

Johannes’ approach is slow, respectful and gentle – he takes time to understand and support the issues of each individual and couple.


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