Cornelis van der Does

Cornelis van der Does

Cornelis van der Does is pleased to announce the return to Norwich of his Bowen Technique practice.  After setting up a number of successful Bowen practices in North Norfolk – in Aldborough Doctor’s Surgery, Cromer, Holt and Sheringham – he has decided to fill his spare Tuesday by re-opening a Norwich based Bowen Technique clinic here at The Norwich Wellbeing Centre.

The Bowen Technique (Bowtech) is a gentle, professional, non-invasive (no crunching or clicking!) form of muscle and connective tissue therapy. A state of relaxation is created with minimal touch whereby the unique nature of the moves elicits a whole-body response. A treatment lasts up to 1 hour, is performed through light, loose fitting clothing with the client laying on a comfortable treatment couch or seated if preferred. A course of treatments typically consists of 3-5 individual sessions only, after which many clients return periodically for wellbeing  and alignment sessions.

The many conditions treated include back pain, sciatica, hamstring conditions, knee and hip restrictions, ‘frozen shoulder’ and ‘tennis elbow’, neck pain, migraines and other headaches, sport injuries – i.e. those injuries you might traditionally have seen an osteopath or chiropractor for. Also no / low energy conditions such as chronic fatigue, M.E., stress and anxiety are treated.

Cornelis is a fully qualified Bowtech Bowen Technique practitioner with many years’ experience of treating people with this amazing therapy. He obtained the Advanced Practitioner qualification in 2005 after which studies of Bowen-NLP and Specific Bowen-Mind-Body followed.

Your enquiry, confidential, free of charge without further commitment, is most welcome either by phone 01263 825131 or email

An appointment can be booked using these same contact details.

We look forward hearing from you as every body is better with bowen.  


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