Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper is a qualified Level Two Reiki practitioner who lives and works in Norwich. She is also a Registered Nurse with over 10 years experience in the N.H.S. Diana’s entire working life has involved studying and exploring healthcare and healing in one form or another; she has always been fascinated by the wider social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of health and disease. After leaving the N.H.S., Diana took a degree in Social Anthropology at Sussex University and a Masters degree in Medical Sociology at the University of East Anglia. During this time she focused on the role complementary therapies could play, alongside conventional medicine, in achieving optimum health and wellbeing.

Diana’s Reiki practice is grounded in this deep understanding of both conventional and complementary medicine; she has a thorough knowledge of the human body and the many factors – physical, mental and emotional – that enable people to heal.

Initially Diana learnt Reiki to achieve greater health in her own life and found it so beneficial that she continued her training in order to offer Reiki to others. She has personal experience of low energy states, particularly M.E. and CFS and is keen to help people with these conditions. Diana was trained and initiated into Reiki in 2011 by Tripuri Dunne, a Master from the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.

As Diana Says:

“I always find it a pleasure and privilege to treat others with Reiki; it feels like a natural development of my nursing and healthcare career. I enjoy having the time to spend with clients and appreciate really getting to know them and their specific needs. I love working with the Reiki energy and seeing how this subtle but profound healing therapy can improve and change people’s lives. My aim is to make the Reiki treatments relaxing and nurturing, as well as restorative and healing; I also hope they enable clients to recognise and trust their inherent potential for greater health and happiness.”

Diana has been practising meditation for 20 years and believes Reiki and meditation work particularly well together. She has taken courses in specific meditation techniques, such as Mindfulness-Based meditation, and believes these practices, combined with other complementary therapies, can provide huge help and relief for those coping with chronic illness and stress.

Diana is fully insured and registered with the CNHC; she is a member of The Reiki Association and verified by the Reiki Council. Diana is currently undertaking her Reiki Master training.


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