Jane Nunn

“Doing nothing demands everything of you”  

David Stoltz paraphrasing the artist Marina Abramovic

One of only 4 people trained to offer Stillness Touch in the UK, Jane currently works out of rooms in the Norwich Wellbeing Centre or in recipient’s homes. She can also offer distance sessions and these have proved to be just as profound as those done in person.

Jane has been described by clients as gentle, kind and sensitive; inspiring trust and working with great integrity; and gifted at what she does. Clients say that she helps them reconnect to a desperately needed state of rest and wellbeing, spaciousness, anchoring or returning to ground zero, deep relaxation and healing.

Jane took her first craniosacral class in 2010 with Rosemary Wallace. It was clear that although apparently “nothing” was going on, “something” was happening. This subtly yet profoundly changed the course of her life. After time spent at a spiritual community in California where her relationship with the Divine aspects of herself and the work blossomed, so too did her conviction to continue with this work.

The Dynamic Stillness School’s description of Stillness Touch (also called Biodynamic Cranial Touch) bore a strong resemblance to the work, adapted from Rosemary’s teachings, she was already doing, or rather ‘non-doing’. In June 2011 Jane took the schools Initiatory class with Giorgia Milne in Denmark, subsequently completing the Mentor class taught by Giorgia between October 2011 and July 2012 in Berkeley, California, AND (just to ensure a full immersion) again between April 2012 and January 2013 in Denmark.

Annual immersions in the work are attended in order to keep it current and evolving, and in order to retain practitioner status as listed on the Dynamic Stillness website. This includes being part of assistant teams for Giorgia’s Initiatory and Mentor Classes.

Jane is also a registered Occupational Therapist, has been initiated in Reiki I & II, and will complete a PG Diploma in Person-centred Counselling in 2016.

For further information please see www.stillnesstouch.co.uk or www.janenunn.com or call 07762 335 357 or e-mail stillnesstouch@gmail.com


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