Keith Carlton

Keith Carlton

We are born trying to understand the world, and trying to relate to the people around us. And when those relationships appear problematic – perhaps though actual issues in the external world, or perhaps through our own attempts to understand the world – we can create highly conflicted and difficult meanings about who we are. Those meanings about who we are can affect our sense of self, our self-esteem, and have long term impacts on how we experience life, easily lasting into adulthood.

My role as a therapist is to work with my clients to help uncover those problematic and false beliefs, to understand the ways they have affected how we relate to others, and the ways they contribute to self-defeating behaviours. And then to work to try and change and reduce those beliefs and behaviours so that we can live our lives more in the present, and less under the influence of the past and of the unconscious.

My role is also to offer a safe, supportive and non-judgemental experience in which we can work, and to help repair broken models of relationship through the therapeutic alliance we will create.

I am a psychoanalytically-trained psychodynamic psychotherapist and have been working clinically for over a decade. My initial training was at the University of Kent. I am an accredited gender and sexual diversity therapist, and hold a diploma in relationship therapy with gender and sexual diversity clients.

I work at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre, usually working weekly with clients over longer term depth therapy. My fees are £50 for 50 minute individual sessions, and £75 for 75 minute sessions with couples and relationships. I work with adults and have a particular experience in working with LGBTQ clients.

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