Hand Reading

A good hand reading can be an enlightening and revelatory experience and can uncover information about oneself that can literally change lives.

From a health perspective, this is a valuable tool for highlighting any health issues and can help show up any underlying deficiencies that may be present.

Modern hand reading (Chirology) techniques have moved light years on from the old mediaeval assumption of a fixed fate marked ominously in the lines of the palm. The palm’s lines will develop and alter according to our experiences and through deliberate self-development. Many exciting scientific papers have been published in recent years that prove long-held aspects of hand reading practice are verifiably true.

Human beings are subtle and complex. Handreading is an art that is itself subtle and complex. A good chirologist can pinpoint contradictions and complexities that lurk in ‘the personality’. A reading is an exploration of the inner landscape and can be likened to a counselling session, rather than a confrontation with a fixed fate. A palm reading is much more : it is a moment for opportunity and change. Modern hand reading is a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled practitioner, and can reveal childhood conditioning, areas of struggle, latent fears, talents, natural predispositions, confidence levels, basic health conditions and much more.

The fundamentals of the hand e.g the fingerprints, hand shape and skin texture remain fixed throughout life and these may be understood as representing our fundamental drives and genetic predisposition. It’s vital to understand these deeper aspects of our natures as until these qualities are accommodated, we can so easily shape ourselves on inappropriate models. This means we’ll keep making inappropriate choices, playing out the same dramas over and over.

Through handreading we can come to truly understand the way we are. Then our fates are in our own hands. The ambition of modern hand reading is self-awareness, placing the individual at the helm of their life, so that one is not bound by fate but freed by self-knowledge.. The hand changes, you are not bound by ‘fate’. Your life is in your hands.

Fate, karma. Genetics, and pre-dispositions all show up in the Fixed Patterns of the hand i.e. hand shape, skin texture and the print patterns.

Personal Evolvement shows in the changeable features of the hand i.e The Lines. They are highly individual and changeable throughout one’s lifetime. – Thus is it advisable to take prints annually to re-examine as lines change.

(Please note, that this is NOT a psychic reading and is NOT predictive)