Deborah Hare

I am an experienced Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who trained with UKCP and have a BSC Hons degree.

I am an experienced specialist in sexual abuse, rape, and other domestic abuse issues and trauma.

I work in an empathetic way and am non judgemental and believe in confidentiality. I work spontaneously and sometimes work in a creative way.  I work with the body too as it can hold traumatic memories. I help my clients become more aware of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviour which then enables them to grow an inner strength and move forward in their lives.

The other fields I work in are anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, infant loss and many more. I have worked for over ten years in private practice. I am also a Mind credential therapist and work for insurance companies too.

I have an understanding of being the client, it can feel very daunting to suddenly open up to a stranger, however it was the best move I made seeking counselling.

I offer short term or long term counselling to anyone over the age of 18.

You can contact me to ask about availability either by email at or by phone on 07902 962919.