• Confident Compassionate Boundary Setting Workshop

    Confident Compassionate Boundary Setting Workshop

    Gain Clarity of your needs, values, and limits Explore clear open & honest communication Cultivate Self-care & Self-compassion Experience techniques for healthy boundary setting Booking To ask any questions about the workshop or to book a place, contact Soo Strong on 07500 501294 or look at her website at https://www.soostrong.com/

  • Simply for Health 101 - 2021-09-25

    Simply for Health 101

    This is NOT a quick fix solution for fast temporary results, but a proven holistic approach to a healthier body, mind and spirit no matter where you are today. Digestion: the Cornerstone of Nutrition The Gut-Brain Connection Improve the Functioning of the Endocrine Glands Blood Sugar, & High Cholesterol Rollercoaster Proteins the Building Blocks of […]

  • Monthly Menopause Connect Group

    Menopause Connect Group

    No one said that you have to go through it alone. We don’t know what we don’t know. You may be suffering needlessly when suggestions and recommendations could be available for You that could ease your suffering and even bring you joy and comfort. Facilitated by Joanne Rolfe RHN Women’s Wellness Coach. Last Wednesday of […]

  • Covid-19 safety precautions

    We have opened again after the lockdown with extra safety precautions in place. This is a difficult time, with constantly changing advice and guidelines. This is also an old building not planned for social distancing and so we are continuing to test and improve our safety precautions. Please be patient with us as we open […]

About Us

The aim of the Norwich Wellbeing Centre is to serve and educate local individuals, communities and organisations in the areas of wellbeing and healthnwc-parkview-3a

What is Health?

Health is balance. To be the best that we can be both as individuals and members of our communities we must be in a state of balance. Healthy communities are created by healthy individuals

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a shift in focus from what can go wrong to what goes right so that people feel able to achieve the things that they desire. It is strengthening social connections and supporting networks within communities so that the individual well being of members of local populations is improved. There must be a sense of belonging as this makes up the social fabric of communities. Our Aim is to create conditions that enable citizens and communities to flourish and be well

What do we do?

  • We provide much needed facilities such as massage or counseling rooms for independent therapists. A list of what therapies are on offer is here
  • The centre holds various weekly classes such as Yoga and special events such as First Aid Workshops. Information on more events can be found here
  • We hire out rooms for conferences, classes/workshops etc. more information can be found here
  • We develop services and projects which follow our aims of serving and educating local individuals, communities and organisations in the areas of wellbeing and health.

We also manage a wide variety of projects and initiatives in partnership with local charities, communities and schools focusing on issues such as drug & alcohol abuse, healthy eating & nutrition and the environment.


Privacy for everyone coming to the Wellbeing Centre is very important to us, and we make sure to do as much as we can to keep privacy. You can see what information we store and what we do with it in our privacy policy.