Lisa Fincham

Lisa Fincham

Lisa Fincham is one of East Anglia’s leading complementary therapists, specialising in Nutritional Therapy, Chinese Medicine and Reflexology. As a trained NHS nurse, Lisa’s unique skill base enables her to integrate the latest in Western medical knowledge with the ancient healing traditions of the East.

During 15 years of private and NHS practice, Lisa has supported many patients to overcome a wide range of health problems, such as IBS, headaches, migraines, fatigue, stress, weight problems, hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, M.E / C.F.S, infertility, depression and digestive disorders. She also has a large client base of long-term patients who visit her periodically to monitor and maintain their health and vitality.

“I firmly believe that my training in both Orthodox  and Complementary /Eastern medicine has given me an invaluable wealth of knowledge allowing for a wider outlook and approach.”

– Lisa

Please contact me for further details either by email at or on 07760486038.

Lisa Fincham. Ba Hons, SNHS Advanced Diploma in Nutrition, Cert Reflex, SEN, Cert I.H.M.

Fully Insured with BALENS