Meditation Personal Trainers

Peter Francis

Peter Francis is the CEO and founder of Meditation Personal Trainers (MPT) and he believes he can teach absolutely anyone, on a one to one personal training basis, how to Meditate. With the only proviso being, you have to really want to learn to Meditate and then are prepared to regularly practise what you have been taught.

Peter has been practising Meditation himself daily and learnt multiple different forms of Meditation across the globe since 2001.

He has personally taught hundreds of people to successfully Meditate, since he began to teach a decade later in 2011.

He combines his own unique technique and methods of teaching Meditation with all that he knows and has learnt about physical exercise and lifestyle training methods.

Having studied Martial Arts since he was 12 years old. He is also a fully qualified Skills Active Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 2 Gym and Fitness Instructor and REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer. He is also a European Institute of Fitness (EIF) Master Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and ACSM Lifestyle and Motivational Coach.

Fitness Inspired Teacher Training (FITT), in November 2015, also endorsed his Meditation teaching.

Peter is also a fully qualified MIND Mental Health First Aider and a Time To Change Champion. Allowing his unique methods of teaching Meditation, to also further assist and understand those with more complex Mental Health issues but still wishing to learn to Meditate. Like he himself did, after being diagnosed as suffering from PTSD in 2001.


He charges £50 per session on a one to one basis or 3 sessions for £99, if paid fully at the time of the first session.

3 sessions are normally sufficient to learn how to Meditate proficiently.

A Meditation session is up to 90 minutes long.

Peter also offers a unique one off personal Meditation Service/MOT for those who already Meditate, but may need a bit of extra guidance and expert review of the techniques you are using to ensure they are working most effectively for you.

The cost for this is also £50.

Concessions may be available including for charity workers, front line Emergency Service workers and NHS staff, so please feel free to ask.

If you wish to read or know any more about Peter, please visit his companies website at