Covid-19 safety precautions

We have opened again after the lockdown with extra safety precautions in place. This is a difficult time, with constantly changing advice and guidelines. This is also an old building not planned for social distancing and so we are continuing to test and improve our safety precautions. Please be patient with us as we open up again.

The most important part is everyone not knowingly coming in with symptoms. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms please do not come to the building.

In terms of safety precautions, we will be implementing the following precautions, with others as we try them out and see how feasible they are to implement here:

  • We are asking everyone to wear some form of face covering in the public areas- as they come in, in the corridors, and in waiting areas. Unfortunately we have very narrow corridors and stairs which means people will likely be passing very close to one another. Because of this face coverings would reduce any risks.
  • Where possible please keep social distancing of at least a metre with a mask, or at least two metres without a mask.
  • The waiting area for people to wait to see a therapist has changed- it used to be on the top floor landing, but due to the lack of space there making it impossible to socially distance the waiting area has been moved to Park View opposite Reception. If you need to wait but aren’t sure where just ask at Reception.
  • We are currently not providing water in the therapy rooms, and for events we are working on a case by case basis based on discussions and preparations by the event organisers. We are hoping to ease this restriction soon.
  • There will be extra cleaning, especially of door handles and banisters.
  • This is hand sanitiser by the entrance and in multiple places around the building, with guides to hand washing/rubbing by the sinks and hand sanitiser.
  • There will be bathroom cleaning spray in the toilets– we are asking everyone to wait two minutes between people using the toilet, and to spray down and wipe everything you have touched after using the toilet.

We will be testing out other safety precautions as time goes by and seeing which ones are easiest to implement and most effective.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know.