Hunyuan Qigong

Sunday 15th September 2019, 09:30-16:00 : £65

A Qigong workshop focusing on the skill of Ting and to develop our delicate cobweb-like tissue (Huang) which is needed for advanced work.

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Wu Xing Qigong Workshop

Sunday 3rd November 2019, 09:30-16:00 : £65

The Five Elements of Wu Xing refers to the Taoist understanding that from the fundamental polarity of Yin and Yang comes a further division into five energetic ‘pulses’ or movements.

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Qigong: Going Deeper

Qigong workshop 2018-06

Sunday 3rd June 2018, 09:30-16:30 : £65

A day for deepening our practice – using time to embody our theoretical understanding. Open to those with experience in Qigong – this workshop is not suitable for those who are unfamiliar with Qigong. If unsure please contact us. Please call 01603 632555 or email Dinah for further info or to book. Cindy Engel is a highly experienced Qigong Teacher, to find out more about her visit

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Standing Qigong: Theory and Practice

Standing Qi Gong 2017 Jan

Sunday 28th January 2018, 09:30-13:30 : £45

Qigong, as a generic practice, includes different styles of standing meditation. Why are they different? What are they for? What are they supposed to do? This session will look at the physical alignments, the applications of Ting and the effects we can expect from three different ‘types’ of standing practice. We will experience why different […]

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Wu Daoyin: Guiding and leading the Qi – with Cindy Engel

Wu Daoyin: Guiding and leading the Qi

Sunday 25th February 2018, 09:30-13:30 : £45

Sometimes information in the body from past events continues to hold us back and needs to go. Sometimes physical damage to the body is holding back the smooth operation of our movements or our energy flow. Sometimes stagnation needs to be shifted with a bit of assertiveness and nothing else will do. The ‘Daoyins’ can be […]

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Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong – with Cindy Engel

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong 2018 April

Sunday 8th April 2018, 09:30-16:30 : £45

An in-depth look at four moving forms from this set of Medical Qigong. We will be looking in detail at the subtle mechanics and energetics of pulsing as well as the application of a range of Qigong skills. Handouts will be provided Suitable for beginners as well as those already familiar with this set  (Cindy […]

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