Last chance to join the NLP Wellbeing Coach Practitioner course!

Sue Bayliss

Join this unique, up to date, research based training: The NLP Wellbeing Coach Practitioner Internationally recognised qualification: NLP Practitioner and Wellbeing Coach. Led by Sue Bayliss (featured on the BBC programme Inside Out), the most experienced NLP Trainer in the area. Website: Bringing together for the first time: Neuro-linguistic Programming’s most powerful change techniques including Steve […]

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NLP Workshop: The Heroes Path

The Hero's Path

Wednesday 11th September 2013, 16:00-18:30 : Free

This was a workshop based around Joseph Campbell masterwork ‘ The Hero with a Thousand faces‘ in which she inspired attendees to find the hero’s within them and to let go or use their personal ‘demons’ to move them forward. A motto of the evening was to- stop being the victim of your life and become […]

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Counselling

NLP is a science and methodology for understanding and changing human behaviour. It is the study of someone’s subjective, perceived, reality. NLP allows us to understand ‘how’ we do something, not ‘why’. It is based on the assumption that when we are born, we are a clean sheet with regards to fears and emotional baggage. […]

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