Deborah Hare

I am an experienced Accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who trained with UKCP and have a BSC Hons degree. I am an experienced specialist in sexual abuse, rape, and other domestic abuse issues and trauma. I work in an empathetic way and am non judgemental and believe in confidentiality. I work spontaneously and sometimes work in a […]

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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid England

Wednesday 18th September 2013 - Friday 20th September 2013, 19:00-03:00 : £150

1 in 5 workers report their job to be very or extremely stressful 1 in 6 workers are likely to experience anxiety, depression and stress related problems at any one time These mental health issues were responsible for most UK sick days from 2001-2008 The 2009/10 figures estimate that the cost to UK businesses is […]

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Integrative Counselling

Counselling and Wellbeing

Integrative Counselling is a counselling which uses several branches of psychology together in a holistic and integrative manner to help people. There are several branches of psychology- developmental, behavioural, clinical, social, etc. Each one focuses on one area, meaning that counselling based on social psychology alone or developmental psychology alone will miss important causes and […]

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Shiatsu – Main Focus Areas

TRAUMAS -can be due to accidents, injuries, shock or abuse. Shiatsu enables the trauma or emotional holding, to be gently released by the body, in a supported, grounded and safe way. LOWER BACK/HIPS. The lumbar area is dominated by Kidney energy which also runs through the hip area into the legs. Shiatsu is great for building […]

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Shiatsu – Men’s Health Package

Shiatsu is a great way of providing support for Men’s Health. Working through clothing the skilled practitioner is able to connect with the deep energy pathways or meridians which run deep in the body, to encourage the body to release unwanted patterns and so move towards balance and vibrant health. Shiatsu is safe and useful […]

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