Experiencing Shiatsu for the first time.

Experiencing Shiatsu for the first time.

Shiatsu may be useful in providing support and helping recovery towards full health, in a wide range of situations. In this article, Gary who has been involved in Shiatsu, Tai chi and Chi kung for over 16 years focuses on the use of Shiatsu in cases of Trauma.

Human trauma explained

These days it almost seems that to be human, is to have experienced “trauma” in one form or another. In humans, the rational side of the brain, which leads to such thoughts as: “Do I feel I can express my emotions in front of this person? “, “Is it appropriate to cry in this situation?” “I am a man, I am strong, I will hold it within” etc., often inhibits our ability to naturally discharge the pent up energy/emotion which has built up within us. This is particularly relevant where we have experienced an event or circumstance which we have found traumatic. Such undischarged, trapped energies, associated with trauma, are often very powerful and can have profound effects on us, on all levels (mentally, emotionally and physically), if unreleased.

How Shiatsu can help

Shiatsu Treatment Shiatsu is a wonderfully supportive treatment, working the whole body and combining the power of acupuncture points and gentle meridian stretches with professional human touch and empathy.

Traumas and related behaviour, tend to result from the individual’s response to a particular event or set of circumstances rather than from the event itself. When helping people presenting with such conditions, it is paramount to avoid focusing too much on the past events-they do not offer a way out of the problem and indeed such focus, risks re-traumatising or reinforcing old /established defensive patterns and reactions. Peter A Levine*, the esteemed Trauma Specialist suggests that in order to relieve trauma symptoms it is important to connect with what Gendlin** termed “The felt sense”-the sensation or atmosphere that the client feels within their bodies, when gently bringing their focus to the affected area/areas of the body.

Shiatsu offers a unique way of connecting with this “felt sense” and with those areas of the body requiring support, in order for the old holding patterns to be gradually, gently and confidently released by the client.

Shiatsu works holistically (on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) and enables the receivers to gradually feel empowered towards creating change in their lives. The work has been used in China and Japan in one form or another for thousands of years and involves application of gentle pressure on specific points on the body while the receiver lies fully clothed on a futon.

My Practice

My entry into the world of Shiatsu came as a result of a traumatic neck injury and Shiatsu proved to be the only modality (after years of searching) which released the trauma and enabled me to make a full recovery. As a consequence of my life journey I have a natural affinity with those wishing to work through old issues and have seen and been able to help a large number of such people over the last decade or more. As part of my CPD I have worked with some of the leading Shiatsu practitioners in Europe and the World including a recent six week course dealing specifically with Traumas and related issues.

To make an appointment to see me or for more information on Shiatsu, Chi Kung, Tai chi or Japanese Yoga please contact me via The Norwich Well Being Centre (1603 528704) or personally on 01603 614735 or at garyr.moore@talktalk.net or alternatively visit www.gary.moore.shiatsusociety.org.

* Peter A Levine “Waking The Tiger” (1997) North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California.

** Eugene Gendlin “Focusing” (1981) Bantam Books

Pictures courtesy of The Shiatsu Society (UK).