Shiatsu – Main Focus Areas

Shiatsu – Main Focus Areas

TRAUMAS -can be due to accidents, injuries, shock or abuse. Shiatsu enables the trauma or emotional holding, to be gently released by the body, in a supported, grounded and safe way.

LOWER BACK/HIPS. The lumbar area is dominated by Kidney energy which also runs through the hip area into the legs. Shiatsu is great for building this energy thereby strengthening the lower back and giving support to the whole spine. Large Intestine meridian and Gall Bladder meridian hip release points often aid mobility here.

NECK AND SHOULDERS/UPPER BACK. Gall Bladder and Liver meridian energy stagnation, commonly results in stiffness and tightness in this area. The upper back is actually a very emotionally dominated area when you look deep into the body-often grief and emotions of the heart also become trapped here. Specific Shiatsu points and techniques can aid release.

SPORTS INJURIES/STRAINS ETC. The meridians lie deeper within the body than the muscles, tendons and ligaments which they effectively underpin. By working at this deeper level, rather than just muscular level, more rapid and long lasting relief can often be achieved.

ME/LOW ENERGY/FIBROMYALGIA. I have consistently had really good results when working with these.

DEPRESSION-this usually relates to stuck liver energy often as a consequence of with-held emotions, grief etc.

STOMACH/DIGESTIVE/IBS. Stomach/Spleen meridians can become weakened by cold, dampening foods, by lack of nurturing/support in one’s life or by pathogens. This enables volatile liver energy to invade weak areas which in turn can cause IBS. By building Stomach/Spleen with supportive Shiatsu, the Liver Ki disperses, thereby alleviating IBS in many cases.

STRESS/ANXIETY.  Shiatsu is naturally supportive and calming to receive but there are specific points in the body which help boost up our resistance to stress/anxiety.