Shiatsu – Men’s Health Package

Shiatsu – Men’s Health Package

Shiatsu is a great way of providing support for Men’s Health. Working through clothing the skilled practitioner is able to connect with the deep energy pathways or meridians which run deep in the body, to encourage the body to release unwanted patterns and so move towards balance and vibrant health. Shiatsu is safe and useful for most conditions. From a Men’s Health perspective the following conditions often benefit from the support that Shiatsu can provide:-

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Low Energy
  • Depression
  • Injury, (including sports injuries) shock and trauma 
  • Back, neck, shoulder, hip and joint problems generally 
  • Digestive Issues (including IBS)
  • Emotional Issues (including Anger and Self Esteem issues)
  • Fertility / Sexual performance Issues/Urinary Problems 

Gary Moore BSc.(Hons) MRSS has been practising for over 13 years and brings a wealth of experience to his work. His Shiatsu sessions normally cost £55 for the first session (90 minutes) and £45 for follow-ups (75 minutes).

Under the Men’s Health package, 4 sessions are available for £160 saving you £30. (Packages must be paid for in advance).

Gary also teaches Tai chi, Chi kung and Japanese Yoga, all of which can be used to improve energy, breathing, calmness and flexibility. Under the Men’s Health Package Scheme a session focusing on any one of these disciplines, can be substituted for one of the four Shiatsu sessions, for the same combined price of £160.

Package Options:-

  • 4 x Shiatsu sessions or
  • 3 x Shiatsu sessions + 1 Japanese Yoga session or
  • 3 x Shiatsu sessions + 1 Tai chi session or
  • 3 x Shiatsu sessions + 1 Chi kung session.

Each option costing £160.

For more information and to book please contact the clinic on 01603 528704. If you would prefer, in the first instance to speak to Gary in private, please call 01603 614735.