Winter from an Eastern Medicine Perspective

Winter from an Eastern Medicine Perspective

Winter is a time of energies moving inward-for contemplation, for being introspective, for making plans which can be actioned with the arrival of Spring. It is a time for conserving our energies, feeding ourselves with warm, nourishing, energising foods-a restorative, restful time. It is a time to avoid stress and overwork, a time for getting plenty of sleep-a time for building our inner resources.

In Eastern Medicine it is a time dominated by the water meridians-the Kidney and Bladder meridians. These energy pathways have direct links with the adrenals and the central nervous system. Both meridians have links with the back, especially the lower back and both meridians loathe dryness and can be affected by the cold. The Kidney meridian can be considered to be the most important meridian of all-the “building block” if you will, upon which the other pathways rely. Just like mid-winter Kidney energy is deep seated-students are often asked to connect with the thought of bone marrow when they are working with a client.

Unfortunately life in the modern world doesn’t always respect the aforementioned. Whilst, say at weekends, we may stroll into the countryside, observe nature applying the above rules and take it on-board for ourselves, it is all too easy to quickly revert back to the demands of modern society. The “Christmas Craziness” which many people put themselves through is a prime example. However, whoever you are and whatever your disposition, most of us need a helping hand as we journey through the Winter months and this is where Shiatsu can really lend a hand. Shiatsu sessions are naturally relaxing and stress relieving and can really help the body to restore and balance the energy in the meridians. Associations with imbalances in the Winter meridians-the Kidney and Bladder include:-

Feeling tired, fatigued, low energy, subdued spirit, limbs aching, not coping well with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, stiff neck, tight shoulders, weak, tight or sore lower back, knee and ankle issues, reproductive/urology problems.

If you would like some caring support this winter to help your body relax, restore and build its energies through the season, leaving you feeling grounded and more able to cope with life’s challenges and ready to take advantage of Spring then call The Norwich Well Being Centre on 01603 528704 and ask to book a Shiatsu session with Gary Moore MRSS.