Banish the Blues

Banish the Blues

Friday 2nd September 2016, 19:30-21:30


A Holistic, NLP based approach to alleviate fear and lift the mood.

A talk / workshop by Sue Bayliss,

What if you could feel more confident and positive in your life?  Come and find out:

  • How to understand the physiology of fear and change it quickly.
  • How to stop running internal disaster movies and replace them with positive outcomes.
  • How to connect more easily to other people.
  • How to let go of the limiting beliefs that underly anxiety and depression.
  • How to change your body by breathing more deeply and grounding yourself which causes your thoughts to change naturally.
  • How to let go of a negative internal voice and instead tune in to helpful mentors.
  • How to tap into a variety of resources to help you deal with life’s challenges.

One of my clients writes:

The whole experience (therapy with Sue) has changed me beyond belief. I am free, I can be happy, enjoy life, make decisions, plan, experience the world around me without fear… I am no longer drowning in a sea of bad thoughts or emotions where my past dictates my future. JH

About the speaker

Sue Bayliss, holistic therapist, accredited coach, NLP trainer, wellbeing consultant and developer of Eye Movement Neurointegration.

Sue has private practices in Salhouse, Norwich and London and has featured in two BBC Inside Out programmes, one on depression.

How to book:

To book a place please send an email to You don’t have to be depressed to benefit. We can all improve our capacity for happiness!