Beyond the BACP

Saturday 22nd February 2020, 10:00-16:00

Room hire cost split between participants

This gathering is for therapists working outside mainstream accrediting bodies (in or out of IPN or other networks) and for anyone interested in alternative routes and ways of supporting each other as practitioners.

Subjects we could talk about include:

  • Ways we can support each other and our clients
  • How practitioners can make themselves accountable
  • Experiences of working outside big professional bodies
  • Different ways of thinking about our work
  • Questioning assumptions about how therapy should be practised

You don’t need to be working outside, or intending to leave, professional bodies to attend, just interested in different possibilities for practice. You also don’t need to be a counsellor or psychotherapist – other practitioners (e.g. body workers, massage therapists, yoga teachers) are welcome too.


Cost will be to cover room hire, which we’ll split between us on the day – probably something between £10 and £20.

Please email Darran ( to book a place.