Colour for Life Talk

Colour for Life

Friday 8th April 2016, 18:30-20:30


Colour in every form, be it clothing, décor or healing says something about who and where we are on life’s journey.  Did you know for example, that yellow in a bedroom can lead to sleepless nights, yet the same colour in a study can help with memory?

Single and wanting a partner? – Colour can help – the colours in your wardrobe can mean the difference between a solitary life spent always looking for love, or finding love at the end of the rainbow and living happily ever-after, it’s true your partner really is in the closet! (This has nothing to do with colour analysis) Colour Profiling is the ancient art of understanding your personality through the medium of colour. When you discover your own personality colour it helps bring clarity of your life direction, it also assists you in stepping into your destiny rather than being ruled by fate.  If you would like to understand what the colours in your life are saying about you, then this presentation is for you.

The talk lasts for about 1hr with time after for questions.

More information and how to book

You can find out more at, or you can contact Mark to book or ask any questions at or on 07949 282 384.

About Mark Wentworth

Mark Wentworth Mark Wentworth is the Director of Creative Arts for Hope Community CIC a community based project in Norfolk UK, focusing on providing courses and training for positive mental health within the community and workplace. Mark has been studying and working with the healing power of colour for nearly 30 years. He is the founder and principal of Colour for Life, and creator of Colour Psychodynamics, both offering life-enhancing methods integrating colour therapy with the collective and visionary worlds of C.G. Jung, and Transpersonal based healing. Mark pioneered workshops in the late 90’s uniting colour with bodywork, expressive arts and psychodrama techniques, giving colour, for the first time, not only a voice but also story and action.