Colour Yourself Slim July 2016

Colour Yourself Slim

Sunday 17th July 2016, 09:30-17:00


Weight-watching for the Soul

Mark Wentworth

Join me on this transformative workshop using the hidden language of colour to explore, to change and to liberate the unconscious messages behind those extra pounds and kilos.

The Benefits of “Colour Yourself Slim” are:

  • What you eat becomes a choice rather than a craving or a need, with “Colour Yourself Slim” your eating habits change naturally.
  • Lose weight on all levels, by freeing yourself emotionally and mentally your whole sense of self becomes liberated and lighter.
  • Reclaim inner wisdom and let your body tell its colour story. By becoming body conscious you allow your “true-self” to shine forth.

Colour Yourself Slim is a powerful programme with the objective of supporting people to discover the reason for their weight problem, and importantly how to achieve long-lasting results.

Through the silent yet profound language of colour you will discover the reasons behind your extra weight and why there has been a need to hold on to it. 99.9% of the time people discover on this workshop that what they eat really has little to do with their weight. As you will discover although it’s a course about weight loss, it really is a course about liberating yourself from unconscious negative patterns, which manifest in daily life as extra weight.

During the two-days you will find your own new ways of relating to your body and why diets simply do not work as a long term solution. We believe that you are worth it, and worth finding out who you really are.

A flower never compares itself to another flower, it just grows into its true beauty. We too have this natural beauty and potential, during the workshop we will help you uncover, celebrate and remember your own magnificance of being. When you let your own beauty and radiance shine you inspire and give permission for others to do the same.

Contact/Booking: mobile: 07949 282 384

Just a few comments from previous course participants: –

“When I stood on the scales Monday morning I couldn’t believe it, I had lost 3 kilos during the weekend workshop”

F.C. – Human Resources Manager


“I really didn’t realise my extra weight was connected with my not dealing with the loss of my parents – thankyou for your help”

C.B. – Emergency Services Operator


I couldn’t believe my body had so much to say, it was funny to see and sad at the same time that I had almost given up hope of ever changing, thank you for helping me remember ME”

S.A. – Hotel Manager


“My extra weight was protecting me from my fear of love, when I resolved this by doing my inner work, my weight changed and I finally felt free to love, now I have a wonderful new relationship”

R.W. – Personal Assistant