Discover your Potential - a mindful workshop for women

Discover your Potential – a mindful workshop for women

Saturday 24th February 2018, 09:30-12:30

£29 (before 11/2) / £39

Are you ready to give yourself a gift?

In this relaxed and engaging morning workshop, you’ll work with Sarah to get to know the authentic version of you. You’ll learn about how to move beyond some of the limits you put on yourself so that you can start to connect with life in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.

  • Identify your personal values
  • Connect with and understand your unique strengths
  • Map out your idea of a fulfilling life
  • Understand how your beliefs, thoughts and actions could be holding you back from creating a full, joyful and meaningful life
  • Learn to be more mindful in your every day
  • Make choices that are really right for you.


Suitable for:  Women wanting to feel a greater sense of inner peace and gain a better understanding of themselves. This workshop is open to participants over the age of 16

Please bring: Just your lovely self. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

Further questions or can’t make it? Please contact me with questions or consider a personal coaching session.

Cancellation policy: I’m unable to offer refunds or credits for non-attendance but you can transfer your place to another person.

‘Sarah has helped me to start being kind and compassionate to myself, to listen to myself…I have now become my own friend who has just started a journey towards finding of what ‘I want.’   Justina

‘The most incredible thing that I learnt from the sessions that I constantly use now, especially during times of stress is visualisation, and picturing how I want my life to be. Through my coaching sessions and with help from Sarah I realised that I actually had all I needed to get back to the old me.’  Lisa

‘I now feel more confident and less affected by surrounding people. I am generally happier and more grounded. I feel I can say what I need to say without worrying about others’ reactions too much. I am free and safe. Life is good.’ Yuko

‘Sarah is a warm and understanding coach.’ Ghausia