Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong 2018 April

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong – with Cindy Engel

Sunday 8th April 2018, 09:30-16:30


An in-depth look at four moving forms from this set of Medical Qigong. We will be looking in detail at the subtle mechanics and energetics of pulsing as well as the application of a range of Qigong skills. Handouts will be provided

Suitable for beginners as well as those already familiar with this set 

(Cindy Engel was granted permission to teach this material by Bruce Frantzis, of Energy Arts International)

Please call 01603 632555 or email Dinah for further info or to book. Cindy Engel is a highly experienced Qigong Teacher, to find out more about her visit www.wildhealth.co.uk