Gentle Hypnobirthing

Gentle Hypnobirthing

Saturday 31st October 2015 - Sunday 1st November 2015, 10:00-16:00


Hypnobirthing is a fabulous, empowering way of preparing for the birth of your baby. Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that can help during pregnancy and childbirth. It has been used in clinics in the United States for some time to aid conception by reducing anxiety, and some women who were experiencing morning sickness, heartburn, excess weight gain, headaches and leg cramps have found it helpful.

Hypnobirthing is a complete preparation and education programme for birth and beyond, focusing on couples and the family.

Hypnobirthing benefits:

  • Returns childbirth to a beautiful, natural positive experience
  • More relaxed and enjoyable pregnancy
  • Gives you control and eliminates fear
  • Helps to shorten labour
  • Enables a calm, relaxed more comfortable birth
  • Reduces and often eliminates the need for medication
  • Fewer complications reducing the need for medical intervention
  • Important involvement of your husband/birth partner making the birth a special loving shared experience.
  • Babies are calmer at birth, more content and tend to feed better
  • Quicker postnatal recovery

How to book a place

To book a place on the upcoming weekend please phone 07712 661020 or email

About the teachers

Jane and Elizabeth are both qualified experienced hypnotherapists. Elizabeth is also a qualified midwife and Jane, a nurse, also has a practice in holistic therapies.

Both are members of the Hypnobirthing Association, recognised by the Royal College of Midwives.