How to let go of things we can't change

How to let go of things we can’t change

Saturday 7th April 2018, 10:00-17:00


A journey of living from the heart and finding emotional freedom

This one day workshop is a healing journey of letting go of old grief, pain or fear; a workshop that looks inside our emotional backpacks and lightens the load that we have been carrying around.

A workshop that connects us to our hearts, our courage and new possibilities.

A beautiful, supportive and creative workshop that helps us get curious about what keeps us holding on to things that no longer serves us so that we can live a life of emotional freedom and more choice.

What if you no longer held onto things that you cannot change?

What if you were to feel the emotional freedom of letting go?

What if you could free your heart and lighten your emotional backpack?

My name is Karina Williams and I am a transformational life coach and workshop facilitator and I will be holding space for you in this workshop.

Come and join like-minded souls and begin the journey freeing your heart.

Spaces are limited to ensure intimacy and trust.


Fresh fruit, snacks, water and hot drinks provided. There will be breaks in the morning and afternoon and lunch is between 12.30 and 1.30. There are many great places to eat and the park is a lovely space to take a break and a walk for fresh air.

There are many carparks to choose from in town within short walking distance of the venue.


How to Book:

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