Intro to Shiatsu September 2016

Intro to Shiatsu & Energy Work Weekend

Saturday 24th September 2016 - Sunday 25th September 2016, 10:00-17:30


This is the beginning of both the Acupressure Certificate and the Shiatsu Diploma courses, or can be taken simply as a stand-alone weekend workshop. If you’d like to learn more about the foundations of Shiatsu practice or learn a basic routine to treat friends and family at home, then this is the workshop for you!

We’ll be exploring the development of Ki sensitivity, the principles of Yin and Yang, and simple exercises for your own health and wellbeing. You can decide after this workshop if you’d like to continue on to the Holistic Acupressure course

Open to complete beginners

To book a place just call 01603 632555 or email Dinah: