Mindfulness for Health Taster

Mindfulness for Health Taster

Thursday 24th September 2015, 09:30-12:00


The free Mindfulness for Health Taster session will give you an insight into the full eight week course.

“Whether you suffer with chronic pain or illness, treat those who suffer, or care for a loved one who does, the Breathworks methods could radically change your life for the better”

Professor Lance McCracken, King’s College London and INPUT Pain Management Centre

The Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course can teach you mindfulness skills to help you improve the quality of your life and your health.

You will learn:

  • How to manage pain, illness and fatigue in daily life
  • How to breathe into the present moment and find choice
  • Breath and body awareness
  • Gentle mindful movement
  • Mindfulness meditation practice, including cultivating kindliness towards yourself and empathy for others

Using simple methods, you learn to notice your actions, thoughts and feelings in the present moment. You learn to notice your unhelpful patterns and how you tend to repeat them, leading to more pain and suffering. Mindfulness helps you see this and gives you the choice to change these patterns and the potential for a new way forward.

Please note these courses are not for people who are acutely ill or who wish to be passive recipients of support and advice, nor is it a substitute for professional therapy. If you are experiencing symptoms of mental illness (eg depression, anxiety) please see the Frequently Asked Questions page for advice about Mindfulness and mental health.

To find out more or to book a place, go to the norwichmindfulness page.