Pregnancy Yoga Course

Pregnancy Yoga Course

Wednesday 21st October 2015, 19:30-20:45

£50 for the course

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to start yoga and specialist pregnancy yoga classes are great if you already have a yoga practice. Pregnancy yoga can allow you to deepen you connection with your baby, make friends and enjoy your journey to motherhood. Pregnancy yoga is a beautiful feminine practice where we take time to relax, recharge, move in ways that feel good for you and your baby. You will also learn beautiful visualisations, mantras and breathing techniques to help ease anxiety as well as aid childbirth. The course will also touch on active birthing techniques, where you can use some of the yoga postures and asanas to find ease and focus during childbirth.

What will we be doing?

This is a 6 week course, which will focus on a different theme each week

Week 1) Building Strength, connecting with inner strength and physical strength

Week 2) Creating Space for you and for baby

Week 3) Love, connecting with baby and finding time to care for self .

Week 4) Surrender, letting go of anxieties

Week 5) Restorative practice, restoring and recharging energy

Week 6) Acceptance, gratitude, joy and happiness

Having worked in paediatrics and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, this course is underpinned by a professional medical understanding of the changing needs of mother and baby during pregnancy.

When, Where and What will I need to bring ?

You will need to be in your second trimester of pregnancy to attend this course (12 weeks onwards)

The course will be at the Norwich Wellbeing Centre , opposite Chapelfield Gardens.

Wear comfy Clothes, bring a blanket and a cushion and if you have a bolster or any yoga props please bring them along also, although I do have some props to borrow.

How to book

To book a place, go to this website and fill in the form.

Please contact Rosie if you have any questions, pregnancy yoga is such a fantastic practice I urge you  to come along and give it a go.

Tel: 07877256784 with and questions you may have or email