Qi Gong Core Principles October 2016

Qigong: Core Principles for Personal Practice – with Cindy Engel

Saturday 22nd October 2016, 09:30-16:30


Open to beginners as well as students and graduates

Qigong is an Internal Energy Art form and its styles vary from open, free forms to detailed choreographed sets of movements and static forms which aim to cultivate Qi. It is practised for good health, healing and self-transformation and is particularly useful for health practitioners.

Learn the key Qigong principles to develop your practice with confidence. To include: active relaxation (Sung), attention (Ting) and intention (Yi) – which we’ll explore in both moving and static forms. The workshop will bring clarity to the focus of your Qi cultivation – to create a more effective experience. Cindy Engel is a highly experienced instructor, who has studied with acclaimed international Qigong teachers – it is a privilege to have her teach for us.

To book just call 01603 632555 or email Dinah: djshiatsu@gmail.com

Find out more about Cindy Engel and her experience at www.wildhealth.co.uk