Self care workshop

Self-Care Workshop

Sunday 22nd January 2017, 11:00-13:00


There is much discussion around the topic of self-care, but we may ask -“Where do I start?” and “What does this look like in my day?”

This introductory workshop, looks to address these questions and many more as we explore the practicalities of incorporating a supportive rhythm of self-care in our daily lives.

Is it possible that self-care is not just another chore to add to the list of things to do in a day, but a way of being that supports us through the day and actually nurtures our own health and promotes well-being.

We will discuss and explore simple techniques that can easily be incorporated into our daily routines that truly support us. We shall take a look at the relationship we have with ourselves, and the effect this has in our day and touch on topics such as food, exercise and sleep.

I look forward to sharing with you and opening the door a little wider on the topic of self-care.

For any enquiries or to secure your place, please contact Beverley on 07901 888122 or at