The Colour House Nov 16

The Colour House

Saturday 19th November 2016, 10:00-17:30


How to use the untapped wisdom of the colours in your home to transform your life

International Colour Specialist
Mark Wentworth

No matter how big or how small the space, every person has a wish to create home, there is no other physical space where we express our defeats and desires in life more clearly, albeit unconsciously, than through our choice of colours for the home.

This workshop is about how the colours in your house reflect and tell your life story, and how the objects and furniture express the highs and lows in your life so far. Your house is a true mirror of Self.

During the workshop you will discover what your house says about you, not by how you decorate it or furnish it but really what it thinks about you, and usually our homes have a lot to say!

You will learn how to use the untapped wisdom of the colours and the everyday objects in your house to enhance your natural strengths and to bring about the changes you desire. With this work change really does begin at home.

Maybe it’s the green sofa who hides the secret to your long awaited love, or is it the white bathroom mirror that holds the key to your business success?

All are waiting to be revealed in the Colour House.

This is not interior design or feng-shui, it’s just pure and simple colour magic!


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