Women’s Red Tent Initiation

Sunday 14th May 2017, 09:00-17:00


A ceremony to welcome you into Conscious Womanhood (regardless of your age)

  • Celebrate and be celebrated as a Woman
  • Receive an Initiation into your feminine coming of age
  • Connect with your female ancestors
  • Re-claim the qualities of the young girl within you
  • Release your womanly power and discover the treasures within

Do you sometimes feel that there is something missing from your life?   Do you feel that you have never really reached your full potential? Perhaps there’s something missing and you’re not quite sure what that is? Whatever it is, give yourself this gift of being witnessed and honoured by other women as you are welcomed into the deepest core of who you are as a woman. The ceremony you didn’t have when you were young when you experienced your first bleed, your period, your moon flow. It’s time to feed your soul and shine out as the Beautiful Woman that you are. It’s never too late! It is your birth right.

Women have been meeting in Red Tents during their blood flow for centuries. Let’s revive this tradition and find ways to support and collaborate with each other.

What Louise says about this day:

I participated in this workshop with DeAnna L’am (www.Redtentineveryneighborhood.com) at the age of 62 years and since that time have felt myself opening up to life and who I am as a woman in a powerful and different way. I am daring to believe that I can be and have all that I desire. I now want to offer this gift to you, whatever your age or circumstances. I am convinced that it will change your life in a positive way.

 How to book

The cost for the day is £60. Please bring food to share on the day. Call me on 07999 842905 for more information or email me at ldecaux@btinternet.com with ‘Red Tent Initiation’ as the subject line and I will get back to you by return.

About Louise

Louise de Caux

Louise de Caux is a Coach, Counsellor and Workshop Leader. She had a successful career as a Human Resources Director for global companies, latterly she worked for the Microsoft Research Laboratory in Cambridge. As a high flying career woman, travelling constantly she eventually suffered from burn out which affected her health and self-esteem. This started her on a journey of personal development and a desire to find who she was a woman. She is a Certified Red Tent Activator, Licensed Art of Being Teacher and Member of the School of Being as well as a HeartMath Coach. She is now self-employed and runs her own coaching and workshop company – Women 2Gether – encouraging women in mid-life and beyond to follow their hearts and inspiring them re-claim their juiciness,  joy for life and who they are as sexy wise women.