Dabbour Yoga - Yoga and Arm Balances

Yoga and Arm Balances Workshop

Saturday 22nd March 2014, 12:30-14:30


Arm balances are invigorating poses that exemplify poise and stability

A 2 hour workshop that will include Yoga practice and technique sessions designed to make some of the more challenging arm balancing postures more approachable.

Suitable for students of all styles of Yoga wanting to improve their Yoga practice in a safe and effective way.

About the Instructor

Hanna Dabbour is a chartered Physiotherapist working in Norwich who also holds Yoga and Pilates qualifications. Her philosophy is to ensure each participant has a range of options so all classes are suitable for both beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

She has taught classes in a number of disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Dancing and Swimming.