Amber Hale: Yoga and Shiatsu classes and treatments

Amber Hale: Yoga and Shiatsu classes and treatments

Six weeks programme of yoga classes starting on Monday 11th November at 6-7p.m at The Norwich Well Being Centre, Chapelfield East.

Keep active and motivated during the cold and dark winter months and also experience the relaxation and positivity that yoga will bring into your life. Yoga is a great way to start the week feeling fresh, positive and stress free and to keep away those winter blues.  All levels and people welcome.  £40 for 6 weeks. Please wear comfortable clothing. Classes are taught by Amber Hale who has been teaching yoga for eight years and is a qualified yoga, dance and Shiatsu practitioner.

Private yoga classes and Shiatsu treatments.

Amber Hale is now offering private yoga classes and Shiatsu treatments at The Norwich Well Being Centre.  Private yoga sessions give you a chance to develop a yoga sequence which is designed to your body and incorporates postures that you can do in your own time that suit your physical needs. Amber will work closely with you to tailor a sequence that will benefit your needs and that you can practise at home. The sequences usually consist of half an hour of postures that you can practise in your own time and may incorporate some meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques to relax your mind as well as your body. Practising yoga on a daily basis and developing your own routine helps you feel more relaxed, confident, and more in control of your own health. Amber Hale is offering private yoga sessions for £30 for one hour sessions.

Shiatsu treatments

Can benefit you on a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. The treatments are very much tailored to your needs and aim to release tension in the mind and the body. So whether you are suffering from backache, muscular tension, stress at work or a more chronic condition, Shiatsu will help to discover the route of the problem and release the tension and stress held in your mind and body. Treatments last for one hour where you lie on a comfortable futon mat and can completely relax. Treatments are fully clothed. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Amber Hale is offering Shiatsu treatments at The Norwich Well Being Centre for only £30 if you book before Christmas. Gift Vouchers are also available and make a great Christmas present.

For more information on yoga classes, private yoga classes and Shiatsu treatments please call Amber Hale on 07789065102 or email