Dynamic Yoga with Allison Armstrong

Dynamic Yoga class with Allison Armstrong

This class has now finished.

Flowing, Lively, Creative Postures and Breath Work

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 7:45pm.

With particular attention to breath, alignment, posture and flow, each class is designed to improve physical and mental wellbeing by encouraging a full range of movement in the body. Working with the body’s own intelligence, energising and releasing pent up energy and building a complete package of fitness, each class is themed, bringing a creative element to the practice.

The class is suitable for everyone, no matter your age, experience, flexibility or strength and is an excellent way to improve fitness and all-round health through building core strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, agility, and anaerobic fitness. Postures are adapted to suit individual needs as required. Please join me on the mat and have fun – you are supposed to enjoy yourself and remember that yoga is about standing strong on your feet, not on your head! I want you to leave my classes feeling calm, energised, and focused having connected to your body and breath.


For more information please contact Allison Armstrong at allison.armstrong20@hotmail.com or 07747 017 300.