Hatha Flow classes continuing Thursday 3rd September

This one hour class is suitable for beginners and intermediate students. Every 5 weeks the focus of the class will change. Every class will include breath-work, sun salutations, balance poses and yoga Nidra (relaxation).

3rd September to 1st October: Strengthening the core and opening the sides

A strong core is key to a healthy back. Many of the yoga poses increase core strength. The first 5 weeks we will focus on how you can use your core to keep you back safe and where to concentrate on.

8th October to 5th November: Opening hips and glutes

Sometimes tight hamstrings or hips can pull on the lower back when your hips are tilted and cause pain and tension on your muscles. These classes will show you how to ensure stability on the core and then open up the hips.

12th November to 10th December: Opening neck, heart and shoulders

Last weeks concentration is on your upper body. This sequence is good for any neck stiffness and by opening the chest our posture can improve, and tension headache can disappear.

This will build up your strength and flexibility gradually in a safe way in 15 weeks. This will give you good foundation to practise yoga either in classes or start a home practise.

Yoga will relax you mind and reduce stress levels, and you will learn to release tension and by that gain more energy.

How to book

The cost for the whole term (15 classes from 3rd September to 10th December) is £75

For a 6x card (Six sessions over seven weeks), the price is £42

To drop in on any class it is £8

To book your place contact Minna at or call her on 07584 352774.

About the teacher

Minna has practised Yoga for nearly 20 years, mainly Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. She is passionate about yoga, health and wellbeing. Minna is a qualified nurse and has been working in the health care sector for over 10 years.