Clothed Seated Massage by Bibi

Massage and your Wellbeing

In order to function at your optimum it is important to look after your mind, body & soul as they function as a whole. Massage is just one way of looking after your wellbeing & may have the following effects on you depending on your condition and the type of massage treatment you have:-

  • Massages may enable you to function at your maximum as it may help to regulate your sleep patterns, eliminate toxins and impurities. It will also help to restore your strength and mobility by increasing your energy levels.
  • Massages may reduce your stress and anxiety, deepen your relaxation and improve your self-esteem by improving your concentration & mental clarity.
  • Medical research on massage has also shown it may help to relieve your muscle tension & stiffness and deepen your breathing. It may also balance your digestive system and support your lymphatic system.
  • Finally and more importantly, it may induce a sense of mental wellbeing which makes you feel more able to cope better with the strain and stresses of daily life.

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