Mindfulness with Chakra energy workshops

Mindfulness with Chakra Energy Workshops

Vanda offers Mindfulness with Chakra energy workshops. If you need more focus, more inspiration, more energy and a boost to your health and well-being, Mindfulness with Chakra energy will relax, revive and empower you.

Mindfulness means ‘Living in the moment’. When we learn to be Mindful, we learn to pay less attention to our endless chattering thoughts and more attention to our inner and outer senses. This leads us to become more aware of our Chakra energy, our life force which interchanges with our physical and emotional conditions.

The workshops are plain and simple. You will learn Mindfulness techniques with Chakra energy practices. They are easy to use, wherever you are and whatever you are doing; from simply drinking a cup of tea or facing challenging situations to experience ‘free-flowing energy in the moment’.

No deposit required. Call to book your sessions: Vee 0756 1010 988

Mindfulness with Chakra Energy Workshops 2016:

30th Jan: ‘January Blues’

Bite-size overview of the seven main Chakras, learn simple techniques to boost yourself.
10:30am, 1pm, and 3pm. £15 per person

13th Feb: ‘Follow Your Heart’

Heart & Root Chakra. Learn how to listen to your heart to help you make decisions.
10am and 2pm. £25 per person

12th March: ‘Speak Easy’

Throat and heart Chakras. Working on your throat energy for easier communication through vocal expression.
10am and 2pm. £25 per person

9th April: ‘Shoots & Roots’

Root & Sacral Chakras. It’s Springtime, time to nurture our own roots and shoots.
10am and 2pm. £25 per person

7th May: ‘New Growth’

Crown & Brow. ‘Tune up’ your intuition and inspiration for your ideas to grow.
10am and 2pm. £25 per person

18th June: ‘Solar Power’

Solar Plexus & Crown. Connect to the Universal power to experience the Joy of Being.
10am and 2pm. £25 per person