The Combined Reiki and Shiatsu Package

Reiki and Shiatsu are healing therapies from Japan that are gentle to receive, but powerful in what they can enable the body to achieve….. and this is the key, working with the person to encourage their systems to make significant, long-lasting improvements to their health at a pace and in a way, which is appropriate for them as individuals.

These special forms of energy work take place with the client fully clothed and can help give much needed support to aid recovery from a wide variety of conditions. They work in a truly holistic way having the ability to connect in on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person. When an individual does not make a full recovery from a particular incident or event in their lives, it is often the case that there is some deeply held protection or “energetic blockage” within the body that needs support in order to release. This is where Reiki and Shiatsu can often be most helpful.

Feeling calmer and more relaxed is often the result of a Reiki or Shiatsu session, so people may experience relief from the commonly-seen symptoms of stress and anxiety. People often comment that they also feel more balanced, more in the “here and now“, more energised and more supported and stronger internally after a session.

Recent, independently-assessed research lends weight to such energy work and we cite three examples just to give a flavour:

  1. 1. Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, U.S.A. carried out research into using Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain in patients from a number of departments, (Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopaedics etc.) They found a ‘statistically significant decrease in anxiety and pain regardless of the speciality area’.
  1. Another hospital-based study in the USA, from 2006, studied the effects of Reiki on women post-hysterectomy. The findings indicated that the Reiki group of women reported less pain and less anxiety than the control group, (and required fewer analgesics).
  1. Findings from The European Shiatsu Federation research study carried out by Professor Andrew Long at Leeds University in 2005 concluded:
  • 89% of Shiatsu receivers felt calmer and more relaxed
  • Up to 60 % of regular Shiatsu receivers slept better.
  • 86% said Shiatsu was effective in treating stress and tension, structural and postural problems, low energy and fatigue.
  • Overall Shiatsu receivers adopted a more relaxed, healthier and balanced approach to life and had a reduced use of conventional

The Therapists

Both Diana Cooper and Gary Moore MRSS are passionate about their work and believe that this combined Reiki and Shiatsu package offers something different and of real value to those looking to make significant changes to their well–being.

Diana is a Reiki Level II practitioner (initiated in 2011 by a Master from the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage) and also a Registered Nurse with over 10 years’ experience in the NHS.

Diana Cooper


Gary has had a busy Shiatsu practice in the city centre for the last 15 years and also teaches Qi gong and Japanese Yoga. He has trained with some of the most prominent Shiatsu teachers in the world.

Gary Moore


Both Diana and Gary have first-hand experience in using their therapies to aid their own recoveries and such empathy can play an important part in the healing process.

The combined Reiki and Shiatsu package offers 4 treatments (2 of each) for £160 (offering a discount of £20 on normal prices.) The only stipulation is that payment for the whole package must be made at outset and the four treatments must be taken within 3 months of the initial payment. Bookings can be made in person at Reception or by phoning 01603 614735.

We really look forward to meeting you and helping you embark on your healing journey.